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Wednesday 02 December 2015

How to Make Content More Discoverable Through SEO

If you’re producing content for the web and want readers to find your products, you need to understand how to make search optimization work for you. This course focuses on the practical things you can do, explains how search engines work, and equips you with the tools to apply all you have learnt immediately. more >

Wednesday 09 December 2015

Cracking the RFP Code: Strategy & practical guidance for getting the most from RFPs

Join a stellar panel of “boots on the ground” speakers for an afternoon of strategic plus practical guidance on how to use RFPs to best serve business needs. Through brief case studies, presenters will provide real-world examples of different types of RFPs run by different types of organizations. Coverage will include technology-focused RFPs as well as RFPs for business services. Attention will be given to tips and best practices that will minimize risks and engender success. more >

Wednesday 27 January 2016

Masters in Publishing - Peer Review: What's old is new again

Through centuries, peer review has stood the test of time as a pillar of academic publishing. This webinar will take a decidedly contemporary look at the history and current "fashion" of peer review in this engaging next edition of the ALPSP Masters in Publishing Series. Annette Flanagin, Executive Managing Editor of JAMA, and colleagues are designing the 8th International Congress on Peer Review and Biomedical Publication for 2017. Pippa Smart, Editor-in-Chief of Learned Publishing, is launching her collection of peer review articles in January 2016. From vintage to vogue, Annette's presentation and Pippa's interactive moderation will showcase trends and forecast the future of peer review. more >

Tuesday 09 February 2016

Journal Development 1: Practical plans for improving journal success

This workshop provides an essential practical introduction to the business of developing journals. The course is highly interactive and participants will undertake realistic exercises to familiarize themselves with methods of evaluating their current journal (or portfolio) and provide ideas on how they can introduce changes. Although familiarity with the scholarly publishing environment is required, part of the course will also involve discussion of the role of journals in today’s research environment and will consider what threats and opportunities exist for current publishing models. more >

Tuesday 23 February 2016

Introduction to Journals Publishing

This is an essential introductory course covering all aspects of journals publishing for those who are at the beginning of their careers. It covers everything from peer review to online delivery, and provides delegates with a clear understanding of how all the elements in this fast-moving area fit together. Tutors will draw on case studies from their own experience and across all disciplines. more >

Thursday 25 February 2016

Publishing Business 101: Navigating contracts and "legalese" with confidence

This webinar is part of ALPSP's '101' series that is focused on early career professionals. The aim of the session will be to help you to understand legal language in a variety of contexts - licenses, vendor agreements, copyright - and prepare you to navigate contracts with confidence. Our experienced speakers have been selected to bring you both a legal and business perspective, and will discuss how publishing professionals must balance these imperatives. Among the topics to be addressed will be how to decode basic "legalese" and contract language, and tips on identifying what is and is not negotiable in a typical contract. more >

Thursday 10 March 2016

Developing Open Access and Hybrid Journals

The aim of this course is to introduce staff from all areas of journals publishing to the complexities and unique challenges of running an open access journal or journals programme. Delegates will participate in discussion of open access journals and experiment with financial modelling, enabling them to gain an understanding of the necessary steps to take when establishing and maintaining both full and hybrid open access journals. more >

Wednesday 16 March 2016

Data Protection: Compliance issues for publishers

Compliance with the law in relation to data can feel like a minefield. With the introduction of monetary penalties for breaches of legislation, and a new, tougher European data protection law on the horizon, it is essential that all publishers have a fundamental understanding of data compliance issues. In addition, awareness of guidance from the Information Commissioner’s Office is required and the reputational and financial risks resulting from breaches of legislation should not be ignored. The effective use of personal data for the purpose of communicating with customers lies at the heart of successful marketing strategies employed by publishers in the digital and global economy. more >

Tuesday 22 March 2016

Understanding eJournal Technology

This course will provide an insight into the technologies behind eJournal delivery. Technology has removed the barriers between production, editorial, marketing, sales, customer services and most importantly – the customers. The course will be business-centric – clearly positioning technologies in the context of the industry issues they aim to solve. Participants will learn how technology is used throughout the delivery of eJournals from publisher via library to the end-user. more >

Wednesday 23 March 2016

Recruitment and Career Trends: What you need to know and do about them

Speakers to include: Ann Michael from DeltaThink, Alex Hodgson from ReadCube, Karen King from ASN, Jack Farrell and David Thew. more >