Thursday 20 April 2017

How to Build a Data Driven Publishing Organization

Venue: Arundel House, 13-15 Arundel Street, Temple Place, London WC2R 3DX (map)

Freddie QuekChair: Freddie Quek, Group Head of Software, The Collinson Group and Research Associate, Henley Business School

Freddie is Group Head of Software at The Collinson Group, providing software solutions in loyalty, insurance, travel and financial services. He is also a Research Associate at Henley Business School, researching into how organizations can achieve running and changing the business at the same time. A highly experienced technology leader, having previously worked for Wiley, Reed Elsevier and Current Science Group. His portfolio of digital products has included some of the most well-known brands in the STM world. 


Scholarly publishing is becoming more complicated and things are changing at an unprecedented rate. In order to keep ahead of, or at least up with the curve, many publishers are turning to customer data and data about content to provide business intelligence and support decision making. So what does a data driven publishing organization look like and why should you be one? This seminar will provide detailed information and case studies on how to apply data about users, subscribers, authors and institutions to drive decisions. Key insights will cover using data to inform what to publish, product development, user experience, sales and marketing, audience outreach and more. We will cover the types of data driven decisions that can be used by publishers of any size, including applications for small publishers that may not have the resources of a data department, addressing skill sets and expertise required to achieve the best results.  This is also the opportunity to find out and learn from what other companies and vendors are doing outside scholarly publishing.

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Who should attend?

This seminar is targeted across roles and functions within publishing organizations. The understanding of data and what to do with it is key in the digital economy. Publishing professionals who support the running of the business in editorial, sales and marketing, production and operations will find examples of how other organizations have used data to drive efficiency, security and stability. Others whose role is to change the business with new ideas, drive new business models and revenue streams will hear from some of the speakers on how data can be used to drive innovation and change in the business.

Attendees will have the opportunity to network with other industry colleagues and peers, and also ask questions of the panel of experts assembled.


09:30 Registration and coffee  
10:00 Welcome and introduction from the Chair  
10:10 Theme: Uncovering the Potential in Your Data/Content
  What’s the Big Deal with Data and Analytics?
John Morton
, Chairman of the Board, Zapaygo, Interim CTO/CDO/CIO, Big Data Advisor, former CTO of SAS
  Unlock the Value of Your Content! How publishers can use content enrichment, AI and machine learning to become data-driven organisations
David Leeming, Publishing Consultant, 67 Bricks
11:15 Coffee break  
11:45 Theme: How to Get Going  
  How to Form Your Data Team
Ove Kähler, Director, Program Management and Global Distribution, Brill and Lauren Danahy, Team Leader, Applications and Data
One year ago, Brill, an international scholarly publisher based in The Netherlands, saw a benefit to centralizing the management of data streams and business applications (such as Editorial Manager, MasterVision and Salesforce) within one team. Prior to that, the responsibility for these applications and for data streams had been scattered across several departments, deepening silos and at times preventing opportunities for collaboration.  By pulling those colleagues into one central team, Brill took an important step towards professionalizing data management as a basis for better decision-making and for improved service towards internal and external customers. This talk will focus on the process of creating the data team and feature the main challenges and learning points in that process.
Ove Kahler 

Small Data for Big Results: Where do you start? What data to start with? What problems and decisions to make?
David Smith, Head of Product Solutions, IET
David will take attendees through three data stories from the IET. In one story, his team build some data dashboards for a product owner, working with them to refine what it is they REALLY want to know. In another story, data is assembled to help the sales team have a better conversation with customers about a key IET product offering. And a third story shows how we are figuring out how to monitor ourselves and our agile work to better understand what it is we’ve been doing over a year of agile sprints. The talk will be full of practical advice on how to get going and will highlight some of the interesting conversations one has had on the journey.

 David Smith
12:45 Lunch  
13:30 Theme: Mini Case Studies on How Decisions are Made  
  How publishers use data to make decisions for running the business
Graeme Doswell,
Head of Global Circulation, Sage Publishing
Find out how publishers can use data to drive decisions to run the business to be efficient, secure and stable where constant and rapid technological changes are adding complexity to IT, business capabilities, processes and the organisation itself.
- Editorial decisions: which manuscripts and authors to publish
- Production and Operations: how to improve process efficiency
- Sales and Marketing: how to market which products to which buyers
  How publishers use data to make decisions for changing the business
Iain Craig, Director Strategic Market Analysis, Wiley
 Iain Craig photo
14:45 Coffee break  
15:15 Theme: Learning from Outside Scholarly Publishing  
  Case Study: TBC  
  Case Study: Collinson Group - the Vendor Perspective
Hasan Usmani, Account Manager, AWS
Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a suite of cloud-computing that make up an on-demand computing platform. AWS has more than 70 services, spanning a wide range, including compute, storage, networking, database, analytics, application services, deployment, management, mobile, developer tools and tools for the Internet of things. This case study shows how AWS helps Collinson Group achieves the building of its Big Data capabilities, and the lessons learnt that can help other organisations who are embarking on a similar journey.
15:55 Theme: How to Decide Between Build vs Buy  
  Panel Discussion: How do you decide if you should build your own solution or buy from a vendor?
This is an opportunity for the attendees to ask questions of the panel of experts. The chair will ask the panellists to provide guidance on the circumstances and criteria that such decisions are made.  Panel members are:
  John Morton, Chairman of the Board, Zapaygo, Interim CTO/CDO/CIO, Big Data Advisor, former CTO of SAS  
  Hasan Usmani, Account Manager, AWS  
  David Smith, Head of Product Solutions, IET  
16:25 Closing remarks from the Chair  
16:30 Drinks and networking  


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