EDI/DEIA working group

Essential in driving forward progressive practices and providing a safe space for discussion, EDI/DEIA working groups provide an integral resource, but they must be empowered to be able to make change happen. Key learnings from the community include:

  • Stakeholder/member led - includes external support to review internal policies and practices, public statements about important issues reflecting position, former moderation, EDI/DEIA directorship on governing council, publishing a range of resources e.g. language and training to come
  • Action plan to keep accountable and capture activities
  • EDI/DEIA activities are implemented and discussed at the department/team level
  • Active employee participation in EDI/DEIA initiatives
  • Collaboration with engaged diverse groups internally and externally e.g. ALPSP EDI Working Group, C4DISC etc
  • Use of progression frameworks to monitor progress in EDI/DEIA
  • Empower employer resource groups (individual diverse groups) to be able to take action and have deliverables they can achieve
  • Assess priorities of groups – regardless of size – all are important 
  • Support individual diverse groups – with funding and executive champion
  • Working group overseeing products
  • Ensure output comes from an international perspective (e.g. not centric to the US or UK) and be conscious of different cultures - help to educate the workforce about their colleagues

Challenges to consider from lessons learned

  • Active participation and lack of empowerment and ownership
  • Lack of engagement
  • Lack of understanding from across the organization
  • Data collection and gathering appropriate data
  • Lack of best practice
  • The size of an organization can present fewer opportunities
  • Getting buy-in and allocating budget - great recommendations for training, consistent approaches across the organization, expectation setting (sometimes too high), lack of time commitment etc
  • Staff engagement/time - any see EDI/DEIA as "extra" work outside of their job
  • Lack of organization funding for diverse activities
  • Knowing which groups to join - would be of most benefit for smaller organizations

Case studies

Get involved

Please submit your feedback and lessons learned to edi@alpsp.org, so we can continue helping the industry progress.