Human Resources

Human Resources (HR) are an integral part of progressing EDI/DEIA practices across an organization and providing a central source of guidance and support for individuals, teams, departments and the organization.

  • Reverse mentoring - a junior member of staff mentors a senior member of staff 
  • Senior management spends one day a month in a role in another department
  • Programme to ensure diverse audiences receive grants and mentorship (SSP)
  • Run employee network initiatives
  • Have an EDI/DEIA position in HR
  • Look at the language and whether it is inclusive and if it needs a language change
  • Help and support with claims e.g. disability discrimination claims
  • Implement an EDI/DEIA workplace policy
  • Support ability to challenge managers who foster non-inclusive practices
  • Consider pay structure and look at fairness e.g. poor pay for juniors and mid-level managers
  • HR stand up to poor practices and challenges the business
  • Summer working hours/flexible working hours, four-day weeks etc
  • Interviews, onboarding and integration of new employees and integration

Challenges to consider from lessons learned

  • Office relationships and how cultural differences are not understood or miscommunication happens
  • Making advancements in internal systems so more accessible
  • Sending out communications during major religious events across the world – be culturally aware
  • Balancing different cultures and beliefs in internal teams
  • Producing compliant accessible content can be time and cost-intensive
  • Lack of support and understanding when caring for someone with a disability (time off, legal advice, line manager support)
  • Established shared understanding of what key concepts mean - e.g. to be anti-racist, establishing inclusive mindsets and practices. Why do people feel excluded, marginalised and disengaged
  • Better embedding of EDI/DEIA in processes and procedures
  • Lack of staff diversity
  • Lack of web accessibility skillsets as a small organization
  • Disability can often be forgotten in workplace culture, processes and workflows
  • How to implement meaningful and ongoing conversation

Case studies

PLOS is a gold standard on EDI for supporting all their employees.

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