Essential to educating and informing across organizations, training can dramatically improve an individual’s experience and people’s understanding. Whether you are looking to train all staff, a selection of individuals, or help solve a specific challenge, ideas to help establish and promote EDI/DEIA practices include training that focuses on:

  • EDI/DEIA in the workplace
  • Inclusive language
  • Understanding staff across regions and cultural differences - essential best practice in meetings, for example
  • Making work more accessible - considerations around technology and hardware to support individuals of different abilities e.g. Accessible font usage (on PDFs) and website accessibility
  • Unconscious bias 
  • Mental health
  • Psychology safety – inclusive/supportive programme
  • Excellence Programme – train future leaders on key topics such as unconscious/implicit bias (prejudice), gender equality, intercultural communication, networking and mentoring, diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Challenges to consider from lessons learned

  • Lack of organization funding for diverse training programmes
  • Lack of internal knowledge about essential training

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