Discount for Organizations in Low Income/Low Middle Income Countries

As a founding member of C4DISC, ALPSP is committed to its principles and welcomes membership applications from a diverse range of organizations.

ALPSP is pleased to offer a discount on Membership Fees based on staff numbers to organizations that are based primarily in Low Income/ Low Middle-Income Countries (LIC/LMIC)*

*ALPSP will be using the World Bank classification of low and middle income countries

How the discount will be applied

An organization will apply for membership in the usual way and select the appropriate subscription band.

If the organization is based primarily in any of the countries within the World Bank listings, it will be eligible for a discount. Based on the number of staff, it will qualify for the following discount:

Number of Staff Fee Discount
1-10 65%
11-20 50%
21-30 35%

If you believe your organization is eligible for a discount, please contact Amanda Whiting or Ruth Leighton.

September 2021