Learned Publishing - January 2023 Special Issue

Implementing DEIA in scholarly publishing

Call for Papers

Initiatives designed to improve the diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) in our society have become standard among many organizations in our industry. A special issue dedicated to this topic would address the tensions and challenges of establishing fair treatment of everyone involved in scholarly research and publishing. We are recalibrating policies and practices in human resources and workforce development, which has become a common topic on the conference circuit—online versions of which enable participation from more diverse attendees. This extends to our publishing programs, where open access has the potential to expand the ability for greater global participation. Platform providers and publishers are working together to develop more inclusive demographic data schemas and management practices, while conforming with data privacy regulations.

There are clear linkages between DEIA efforts and the tenants of publishing ethics. Some see important synergies between DEIA principles and wider efforts to achieve sustainability in education and beyond. All of these endeavors assume that everyone in every organization sees the same value and benefits of disrupting cultural norms to level the playing field and give everyone a chance to contribute. We have experienced conflicts in our community, where DEIA efforts meet with resistance to change and engagement with what may be seen as socio-political issues outside the scope of our work. This special issue will offer a platform to discuss what role publishers and learned societies should play in responding to and furthering the efforts to achieve greater diversity, equity, inclusion, and access in our industry.

We are looking for papers that report on DEIA initiatives underway, how their impacts are being measured, and the lessons being learned – whether case studies, industry updates, original research, or opinion pieces. The theory of DEIA has been long debated, but we want to know what our communities are doing to address systemic imbalances, what works, what doesn’t work, and where the challenges emerge and how they are overcome.

Submission deadline: 15 September 2022
Publication date: January 2023

If you have any questions about this special issue of Learned Publishing, please contact the North American Editor, Lettie Conrad (us-editor@alpsp.org)

Special Advisory Board

To support the development of this special issue, this global advisory board has volunteered to consult on the topical coverage, equity of participation, and editorial approach to DEIA initiatives in scholarly publishing. The following advisors are hard at work recruiting contributions, performing peer review, and help to ensure a balanced editorial approach to initiatives in scholarly publishing that aim to increase our industry’s diversity, equity, inclusiveness, and accessibility.

Gracian Chimwaza Executive Director, ITOCA (South Africa)
Lettie Conrad (Chair) North America Editor, ALPSP (US)
Cenyu Shen Managing Editor, DOAJ (Finland)
Jie Xu Professor, Publishing Studies Dept, Wuhan University (China)
Roasalia Garcia Managing Director, SAGE (Singapore)
Simon Holt Senior Publisher, Elsevier (UK)
Alice Meadows Director of Community Engagement, NISO (US)
Stacy Scott Accessibility Manager, Taylor & Francis (UK)