Recruitment, challenges and case studies

Searching and securing talent should focus on developing an EDI/DEIA recruitment strategy, including:

  • Actively review the recruitment processes and plan where adjustments can be made in the short and the long term - even if a phased approach, be transparent with the plan
  • Ensure all those involved in recruitment have at least a basic understanding of EDI/DEIA recruitment practices e.g. devise training, checklists and supportive information to prevent bias and promote more inclusive recruitment practices
  • Ask staff for ideas 
  • Identify recruiters and lists with EDI/DEIA interest
  • Run structured internships and support educational initiatives to recruit diverse students
  • Recruit diverse candidates from places like academic institutions, and reach out to networks to share any job positions
  • Have an open application process
  • Be active in recruitment practices to ensure specific reach to certain communities
  • Look where there are missed opportunities to hire diverse candidates, especially leadership/strategic roles, to help improve progressive attitudes
  • Removing the gender pay gap and advertising salaries for transparency
  • Anti-EDI/DEIA efforts, wanting to employ people they know

Challenges to consider from lessons learned

  • Recruitment and communication style
  • Internal recruitment and progression 
  • Fewer opportunities in regional offices
  • Commitment to resource - example of dedicated role progressing EDI
  • Lack of resources and commitment to a permanent role
  • The overwhelming majority of white professionals in publishing
  • Lack of diversity at a senior leadership level
  • The geographic location of the office can limit diversity
  • Lack of diverse candidates - attract from outside the industry

Case studies

Get involved

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