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ALPSP is the international trade association which supports and represents not-for-profit organizations that publish scholarly and professional content, and those that work with them. ALPSP welcomes applications for membership from organizations across the scholarly publishing community. Membership is for all employees across the organization. Subscriptions are for 12 months - we will forward a renewal notice three months prior to the end date.

Changes to the ALPSP governance and membership structure were approved at an EGM on 21 June 2022.

Guidelines for membership: ALPSP accepts members on the understanding that those members adhere to legal and ethical good practice, and will not bring ALPSP into disrepute through their own activities or business practices. All applicants are required to accept the ALPSP Guidelines for membership.

Discount for organizations in Low and Low Middle Income Countries: ALPSP is pleased to offer a discount on Membership Fees based on staff numbers to organizations that are based primarily in Low Income and Low to Middle-Income Countries. (note that if you are applying for retiree membership then no Low Income discount is applicable) Find out more

Application form: To apply, complete the online application form. Once received, your application will be submitted to the ALPSP Board of Directors for approval, which takes approximately two weeks. If approved, an invoice will be issued and your membership will be activated as soon as we receive payment.

Apply for Membership

Direct Debit now available: You can now spread your payments throughout the year! Direct Debit through GoCardless is now our preferred payment method. You will be notified before each payment is taken and your payments are protected, so you’re guaranteed a refund if a payment is ever taken in error. To pay via Direct Debit, please complete a Direct Debit mandate request form and the finance team will send you a secure link to complete your mandate. If you have any queries, please contact us

Subscription bands

Not-For-Profit: not-for-profit organizations involved in publishing academic and professional content. Rates are based on annual direct scholarly and professional publishing expenditure on production, marketing and distribution, but not salaries or indirect overheads.

For-Profit: organizations involved in the production, promotion, distribution or collection of academic and professional information. Rates are based on gross revenue before all deductions other than sales tax that relate to scholarly and professional publishing. 

Subscription rates for 2023


publishing expenditure

gross revenue (before deductions)

(Upper Band Limits) 
rate 2023* 
Monthly fee*
1 £40k £301 £25.08
2 £120k £478 £39.83
3 £0.6m £1,040 £86.67
4 £2.3m £1,437 £119.75
5 £7.5m £2,036 £169.67
6 £20m £2,957 £246.42
7 £50m £4,897 £408.08
8 £100m £6,900 £575.00
9 Over £100m £8,908 £742.33
R Retired Members £100 £8.33
RS** Redundancy Support £0 £0


Subscription rates for 2022

Not-For-Profit: publishing expenditure

gross revenue (before deductions)

(Upper Band Limits)
rate 2022* 
Monthly fee*
1 £40k £289 £24.09
2 £120k £459 £38.25
3 £0.6m £1,000 £83.34
4 £2.3m £1,381 £115.09
5 £7.5m £1,957 £163.09
6 £20m £2,843 £236.92
7 £50m £4,708 £392.34
8 £100m £6,634 £552.84
9 Over £100m £8,565 £713.75
R Retired Members £100 £8.34
RS** Redundancy Support £0 £0

*VAT or sales tax where applicable is payable in addition to the rates shown.

Retiree Membership: For an individual no longer working actively in the scholarly publishing industry who wishes to be involved with  ALPSP activities and be part of the community.  Note, no Low Income discounts are applicable to retiree members. 

**Redundancy Support Package: Anyone made redundant from a member organization can now have continued access to all the benefits of membership for up to one year. We ask that HR or a department head fill in this form. We will then send details to the relevant staff.

Contact Amanda Whiting if you have any questions about joining ALPSP.

DD Guarantee

ALPSP is invaluable. You can feel very isolated at times as a small publisher and self-publishing. If I have a problem or I come across something I haven’t met with before, there is always an answer for me at ALPSP. It’s a great community for meeting with people in the same situation.

Sophia Anderton, BJU International